The Setup Interview features Michael Sng

Daniel Bogan of The Setup contacted me about a month ago to ask me for an email interview about what gear I use, and that interview is released today here.

From the moment I first encountered the website idea, I have liked it. It is something very simple, but elegantly useful and interesting. Browsing the site is an amazing voyeuristic glimpse into a creator’s work space and working style. That inner sanctum that is usually not meant for prying eyes. I certainly recommend this to any one who is interested in almost any form of self expression. Check out what others are using.

Thanks Daniel.

P.S. I have had a few pieces of equipment upgrades since the interview. First, I got myself a used Surface 3, not a Surface Pro 3, I decided that for how I will be using it, the more portable size trumps the more powerful processor. Loving it so far. I have upgraded my no-name $5 lavalier mic with a JK MIC-J 044 lavalier mic that costs $29. I have also bit the bullet and got myself a Feiyu Tech G4 3 axis gimbal for my GoPro, I think it will be very handy on the road. Oh yeah, one of my Radeon HD7850 graphics card died as well, so I am back to one.

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