S!dequest – Visit to the Singapore Maker Faire 2015

This S!dequest is footage I took when I visited the Singapore Maker Faire on the 12th. This year marks the first year that Singapore’s Maker Faire has grown out of the Mini moniker. It is humble but important work being done here. While I am not personally participating, it was good to go and say hi to some of my friends who were there.

Check out the official site here.

Sited this year at a disused Qiaonan Primary School building in Tampines. This posed its challenges like the lack of grid power but also offered opportunities that would be hard to pull off if the site was only available for just the weekend. With the selfless work put in by all those involved, it turned out to be an educational and fun weekend for everyone, especially the kids. I have always felt that the most important mission of the Maker movement is to reach out to the children, who are growing up in a fully digital world, and hosting the Maker Faire in the middle of a residential area brings in the family crowd.

Hats off to all those who have worked tirelessly over the weekend and inevitably the months before.

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