S!dequest – Machination Studio’s new work space is kinda ready

After about 7 weeks, all the structural work for the work space is done. That means, plumbing, power, lights, floors, walls, internet and such. I have started working on getting furniture, new and old into the space, and have started working out of it. This article, and the latest video had been edited and posted from the space.

It’s still a mess because I have a lot of other bits and pieces of furniture to put together, but it is ready to be used. I’ll start moving stuff over bit by bit.

It’s has taken a long time, partly because of some permit issues, partly because of the contractor’s poor planning, but largely because I want to do a few things on the space myself. Doing stuff like painting and wiring the space up gives me a sense of ownership of the space, much more than any contract or document. I have invested in this space, not just with money, and made this place my own with my own two achy arms.

I hope to be able to start working on projects from here soon, but I suspect that for a while yet, the space would be the project.

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