Codename Colossus – 18 months ago

An idea rolling around in one’s head is just that, isn’t it? Nothing but an idea. I guess I can attribute the birth of Codename Colossus to the time when I asked Rick Treweek of Trobok Toys to help me 3D print some parts so I can start experimenting with servos and controllers I had bought online. From that point on, Codename Colossus existed in physical form.

I was fully expecting to pay for the print, but he printed the parts, a whole week of keeping an eye on his 3D printer, absolutely for free. He’s just that sort of guy. I met him at an Arduino workshop and we were both interested in toys. He was a mobile game developer and the only person I had met that was printing anything interesting with their 3D printers. Everyone else bought a 3D printer and did not know what to print with it, and ended up printing Eiffel Towers and Yoda’s heads. He, and later I, was different. We have ideas in our heads that were bursting to be turned into 3D models.

Well, the initial designs turned out looking great. I had a crash course in mechanical advantage, or in my case, disadvantage, and kinematics and inverse kinematics. I have noticed that this has become somewhat my style of work. I have to do something to realize what I do not know. Version 1 of my hexapodal walking test could barely stand, much less walk. Fail. But I learnt heaps.

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