Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Week 7

It’s that time of a project again. Usually after I am past 75% done, I find myself lapsing into a bout of low motivation, low morale, procrastination and self doubt. I think psychologists have identified this as a fear of completion or a fear of evaluation of a completed work. It is also the stage of a project when many things become important to consider, so I am forced to multi-task and I am sure that inefficiency and constant changing of gears exacerbates it.

It happens often enough that I recognise it, and it is only a state of mind when I am “thinking” about doing work, but once I get stuck in, is no longer there. So the only solution is to actually do work.

This week started, in my procrastinating mind, with me just buying some metal profiles so Jasper from Reactor 79 could work on it at his leisure. When I brought them in, he took them straight off my hands and started working. Procrastination foiled. I was left with taking out of focused videos with my mobile phone. Thankfully every device and their grandmas can take 1080p videos these days, albeit rather fail 1080p videos. A friend commented that I have no choice but to always have a camera with me. I might need to start working on that, but I hate carrying bags around.

With a big weight on my mind (how best to protect the Colossus in shipping) lifted, and with a confirmed date in September for the air freight or courier, I proceeded to work on the rest of the parts. I cut the aluminium rods and got the vinyl stickers cut to paint the marks and symbols on. This is really the last step before I do the weathering and details. Marking the end of the painting phase of the build, leaving only the assembly and testing left.

Some more updates. My graphic design partner Lucidity has completed a poster design, which I will get printed to give away at NYCC 2015 (still deciding how many I need to print). I also plan to rent a photo studio sometime in the coming week to do a high res shot for the NYCC 2015 backdrop.  Also, my shipping crate should be ready by Wednesday, so hopefully I will get some footage of that. All this is costing me a lot of money, but I think I can still manage. I can’t wait to see how much the courier cost of sending this to New York is going to cost me. Fun.

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  1. Duplicat August 12, 2015 at 9:16 am - Reply

    Master Micheal,, 🙂 If a few posters accidentally got left at home,, maybe as “collectors items” ,,
    (or were available now, to help fund the trip ??? )
    How might and interested-party, >>me<<, acquire such an item in the future ?
    No rush,, just thinking the novelties that a novelty item can generate. $$$

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