Machination Studio X Devil Pig Games

Machination Studio has come together with French board game developer Devil Pig Games to bring Codename Colossus HMC Boudicca into the Heroes of Normandie universe. A real big thanks to Clement Seurat of Devil Pig Games for reaching out to me for this little collaboration. Heroes of Normandie is Devil Pig Games’ acclaimed board game set in Normandy 1944. It has been nominated for 2014 Golden Geek Best Wargame, 2014 International Gamers Award for General Strategy – Two Players, and the prestigious 2015 Origins Award Best Historical Board Game.  It is rated 7.83/10 on, which pretty much means it’s pretty damned awesome and worth a try. I absolutely love the illustrative style that is so distinctively French.

HMC Boudicca is an official downloadable playing piece for Heroes of Normandie, somehow zapped there from another alternate universe. If you haven’t tried Heroes of Normandie, you should give it a try. If you already own it, go here to download the HMC Boudicca unit cards.

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