Machination Studio going to NYCC2016 and production confirmed

Two big announcements to make.

Firstly, my application to the New York Comic Con 2016 has been approved. So I will be getting booth #431. The decision to go back to NYCC was not an easy one because NYC is such an expensive city for me to visit. But I decided in the end to go once again. I love the city, and it would be great to visit friends again.

The second announcement is that I am in the process of requesting for an official quotation for the production of my new Colossus. Hopefully next month, I can do a more in depth reveal. This is a major turning point because from this point forward, I would need to start spending some serious money. And it is not like my previous two Colossus which has given me great marketing mileage. It is a risk, but one I have decided to take.

My next big choice is how to start getting pre-orders. Should I embark on a crowdfunding campaign? If so, should I use Indiegogo or Kickstarter? Kickstarter requires a registered American business with an American bank account. Payment only through Amazon Payments. Indiegogo does not require the American business or bank account, and payment is through PayPal. Of course, Kickstarter has a much bigger audience than Indiegogo by far. Not an easy choice.

That’s all for now. The next chapter begins. Exciting and scary¬†stuff ahead.

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