Machination Studio Future Direction Announcements

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I could really put serious hours behind working on Machination Studio stuff. While speaking at TED2016 was a great once in a lifetime opportunity, and really a eye opening experience, I really did miss just sitting down designing and building stuff.

The last years made a lot of people aware of Codename Colossus, but one of the regretful things is that people could not participate in my journey. So this year (I know a quarter of it has already gone), I want to build something that is hopefully more in a price range and size that more people can accept.

First a few announcements. I will be applying to be at New York Comic Con again, lets hope they accept me this time as well. Also, I am thinking of a crowd funding campaign to give me an indication of the interest in my toy. Anyone with any experience with crowd funding campaigns, please drop me an email.

My idea is to reduce the size of the toy, and reduce the complexity. Less parts means that I have more manufacturing methods open to me. I am looking at resin casting, soft vinyl moulding and possibly injection moulding. One feedback I often hear is whether it comes as a kit, I will definitely explore that route. Let me know if you’ve got strong opinions about that.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


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