Machination Studio at New York Comic Con 2015

I would like to thank everyone who came by the Machination Studio stand at New York Comic Con 2015. Your gasps of excitement, curiosity, words of encouragement and appreciation, are the fuel that keeps me and this project going. Meeting you guys face to face, and knowing that my work has intrigued, surprised, entertained or, dare I say, inspired you, is really valuable to me.

I really want to thank to Mike Brady from Brooklyn and Benjamin Hitmar from Pittsburgh for helping me out at my stand over the weekend. These guys are creative heavy weights in their own rights, so I truly appreciate that they took time out of their busy schedules to help me out. Mike produces the soundtrack for American localizations of Japanese anime, so anime lovers would likely have heard the music that he produces. He also selflessly let me use his apartment as a base of operations. Benjamin designs many popular toys, particularly vehicles, for the major toy brands. Toy lovers would know of his work, if not own some of it. Benjamin and his wife, Kate, also hosted me in their home while I visited their city.

My appearance at the New York Comic Con would not have been possible without the support of Wong Fong Research and Innovation Centre and Lucidity, which helped me design quite a bit of the graphics you see at the stand. Most notably the photograph in the back drop.

It was a great experience to be at New York Comic Con. I have stopped collecting comics and toys for a while now, but to meet so many passionate people who are at the top of their craft, was humbling and inspiring. I certainly look forward to being there again in the future.

Having spoken to many people at the convention, I have started for form my future plans. At this stage, I would be aiming to design a smaller toy that I can produce in resin or soft tooling plastic injection moulding. I would also like to design it so that it can be made available as a model kit as well as a fully assembled and painted toy. In my current thinking, I would like to explore crowd funding as a means of both promoting the toy, and getting an accurate gauge of the demand. As my plans take shape and I make progress towards turning it concrete, I will make announcements here on the website and to you guys who have given me your email to the mailing list.

Thanks for your interest and watch this space.

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