Kickstarter is coming to Singapore.

You guys know I’ve been considering crowdfunding for my next Codename: Colossus product. And part of that consideration is whether to use Kickstarter, or the much smaller Indiegogo as the plaform for launching the campaign. Up till now, I’ve been leaning towards Indiegogo, because the set up process would be a lot simpler for me. However, things might change. Kickstarter is coming to Singapore

When? No one is saying. How? No idea. Would it be ready by the time I want to start a crowd funding campaign? Who knows.

Quotes from the TechInAsia article about this:

While it’s not clear yet what kind of presence Kickstarter will have in Singapore, many international companies have used the city-state as their gateway into other Asian territories. This could also help teams from the region to launch campaigns without having to deal with proxies on the other side of the world.

This article sets out some of the barriers that make me reconsider using Kickstarter, some of which might be removed when Kickstarter is officially in Singapore.

Does it make Kickstarter an automatic choice if it is administratively equally easy? Not necessary as well. Kickstarter might have more users than Indiegogo, but I will also be competiting for attention with more products on the platform. I’ll need more information before I can decide.

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