I will be speaking at TED 2016


Kelly Stoetzel, TED Content Director, emailed me in May 2015, after watching the Codename Colossus introduction video, and invited me to be a speaker at TED. The first “rule” in the subsequent email was Confidentiality. They would prefer to reveal all the speakers of the annual conference at the same time. So pretty much I have kept this to myself since that time.

Of course I said yes, as one would. And it is only until fairly recently when it sunk in what I have gotten myself involved in. I will be sharing the stage with some of the world’s greatest people and more importantly, people whose actions have made an impact in the way I look at the world. If you’re wondering why I deserve to speak on such a stage. Get in the queue. I’m still wondering why after all these months. I will just have to accept the fact that what I have done, and continue to do makes an impact in people. I cannot keep dwelling on it or I’d not be able to think of what to say at the talk besides “I’m not worthy”.

I am taking this as an opportunity to meet some amazing people. And I already have. The first person I have met on this journey is Kelly herself, and Cloe Shasha, the Associate Content Producer. While I was in New York for the New York Comic Con, I dropped by their office to say hi. They amaze me by the amount of work they are able to juggle, coordinating the sheer number of speakers annually for various conferences. And Kelly has only been doing it for 11 years. And also Michael, Abigail and Ori from Virtuozo.com the speaking coaches. Really great people.

So I look forward to meet and listen to the other speakers and hopefully not let anybody down with my own talk.

To say this would not have an impact on Machination Studio, and my Codename Colossus project would be a lie, it will have eaten up one and a half months of time I would have preferred to be able to focus on what I want to do next. Left to my own devices, I would prefer to just be hunched over doing work. But I hope that the visibility would also bring positive things to my project.

Check out the TED2016 programme and speaker list here.

Also, check out this lame selfie I took outside the TED office.

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