Mk.I Cyclops Build Log 3

This past week was spent in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with a main aim of meeting prototyping and manufacturing companies for the first time and making the first introductions. I am sure I will need to make several more trips to Shenzhen before the project is over.

The trip was not without disappointment, I learnt that the requirements for my design will require materials that cost a lot.

However, at this stage, I would say that I regard the trip as successful. After having conversations with the manufacturers, I now know that I would need to rethink and redesign some parts of my toy. But I feel that I have met at least two manufacturers that can bring my project to the next level. One is a resin casting factory in Shenzhen, and another is a project management company in Hong Kong.

I now have an idea what to do next and have all the electrical and electronic components to start working on that aspect of the project.

One piece of swag from toy shopping in Hong Kong was a Boss Legend Cosmos Dominator, third party Transformers Unicron bust, at significantly less than its retail price on the street. Another is a Metal Slug SV-001 1/35 scale model kit which I hope I’d one day have the time to put together.

Also got to visit Toyzone in Hong Kong. It is just across the street from Exit A1 of Tai Koo MTR station, up a warehouse lift (elevator). I consider it a must-visit toy store if you’re looking for rare or old, American or Japanese toys. It is not as specialized as In’s Point, but there are definitely rare gems hidden in those packed shelves. More importantly, it is not overpriced.

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