Empire Mk.I Cyclops

The Empire’s Mk.I Cyclops Colossus. Our very first Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded on within 7 hours and 442% funded in the completion of the campaign on 16 December 2016. Check out the campaign page here. I still have a few painted Builder kits left, send me a message if you’re interested.

Codename Colossus is a series of Mechanized Dieselpunk Walking Tank Scale Models, and the Mk.I Cyclops is the first in the series.

For dimension accuracy, the scale models are made from over 60 polyurethane resin casts instead of the common polyester resin, 3 robotics-grade servos move the legs and a microprocessor send commands to all the electronic parts with a analogue old school wired controller. It runs on 6x AA batteries, so unfortunately, it will not explode. Minimal gluing and no soldering is necessary. The kit is assembled with screws and the electronics just need to be plugged in place. It stands at 13″ tall and 13″ across when fully assembled.

I am *extremely* impressed with your packing skills. Although the rigors of shipping have made the outer box look as if it has been tossed repeatedly into a garbage compactor and rescued at the last second, the contents appear undamaged upon a quick once over.

Guy, Mk.I Cyclops Customer

Receive my kit!!!!!!!! Everything looks to be in good order. Great job packing. Outstanding casting on the parts. does not look like much clean up.

Paul, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #63

Hi Michael, I picked up my kit this morning. Thanks for the quick shipment after the original Customs problem. A great Kickstarter, very professional.

Steve, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #9

Looking forward to putting together this awesome model kit. Contents all very very well made.

James, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #25

Now that I am into the guts really liking the sophistication of your design and the quality of the plastic. Look forward to further projects!!!

Paul, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #63

Michael….I got the Colossus today!!!!! I must say that it is a beautiful kit, and I can’t wait to start this.

Charles, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #32

Thanks for the great project and communication! I received the kit a while ago and am looking forward to building and painting it after I’ve finished my current project.

Thomas, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #65

Just got my Butler, the paint job was amazing. Thank you so much and it was awesome to be part of this project.

Brendan, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #66

Hi, well received the model today. It is really good and exceed my expectation. I’m looking forward to your next model.

Liu, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #7

So excited. Just got this in the mail… Special thanks to @machinationstudio for making this happen. Can’t wait to build it out this week.

Sam, Mk.I Cyclops Customer

My package arrived and it looks amazing in person.

Anthony, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #70

Aha finally! Let the detailing and building begin!!! Thanks for the awesome kit @machinationstudio

Frits, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #60

I got it yesterday and was about to email you! Thanks so much very excited!

Brent, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #3

Got the kit, it was packaged very well! Excited to build this guy!

Tarik, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #28

My eldest daughter and i already put it together! It was a great project.

Michael, Mk.I Cyclops Backer #39


Assembly instruction videos for the Mk.I Cyclops kits.

Mk.I Cyclops: Fix for insufficient voltage 

Mk.I Cyclops: Rust and Mud Effects video.