Codename Colossus will be at New York Comic Con 2015

It is official. Codename Colossus will be at the New York Comic Con from 8th to 11th October 2015.

I really humbled by the fact that getting an exhibition booth at a popular special interest (a.k.a. geek) convention in the US is not easy at all for a newcomer like myself. I have applied for a couple of other conventions late last year without success. One of them put me on a newcomer lottery, which they offer every year to add new blood, but alas, I did not win in that lottery either.

At that point late last year, I did not have a lot to show on my website. So I was kinda resigned to sitting out for 2015, and focused instead on putting my website together and putting out more videos so that when it comes to application time for 2016’s conventions, I will have a better luck getting the convention organisers’ attention.

Because New York Comic Con happens later in the year, when they opened up for exhibitor applications, I sent one in anyway, without any plans for exhibiting in 2015. The online application form did not even have a field to enter my website address, but Mark Fitch, the Sales Executive for ReedPOP must have extrapolated it from my business name and email address and took a look. I am really glad he took the time, and sent me an email tell me it “looks really cool”. Took a while for my snail mail application form to reach Connecticut (15 days), and I got an email that it was accepted last Saturday.

I guess the lesson I learnt here is that for opportunities to strike, I have to be in a state that is deserving of that opportunity. If I had not had the few teaser videos done, and had gotten my website to an acceptable level, I doubt that any one would have looked at my project twice. It is really true, for designers: Show, Don’t Tell. The second lesson is probably to keep plugging away despite earlier disappointments.

Now begins the panic of how the heck I can get ready for the show in a little over 3 months. I am swinging between building a new Colossus for the show, or bringing the one you guys see in the video to the show. The latter is an option I hope not to take because it is promised to a buyer, and I will have to ship it to the US and ship it back. I am going to attempt to build a new one. If I get it done on time, great. If not, I’ll ship the first one over, and will at least have current work in progress to show as well. Fingers crossed.

Over 150,000 people will be there! The tickets have pretty much been sold out. So if you guys want to see me at the show, you better act now.

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  1. Duplicat June 24, 2015 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Congratulations on getting a booth at the show. This fresh “wacky” design will be a big hit with the emerging “steampunk” market segment. I think the “oldschool” toy modelers are going to be very interested also, in the mechanization of custom builds, and your thoughts about evolution of commissioned sales. The availability of small-scale manufacturing equipment, electronics and software is certainly going to be empowering a lot of creative folks.
    If you are looking for some free advertising?,, stop by Adafruit Industries, LIVE, Google hangout show, called “Show-n-Tell”, on Youtube, 7:30pm, EST, Wednesday nights(here). I think they will really appreciate this type of DIY craftsmanship.
    ps: Nice website too. Great work.

    DUPLICAT ^-.-^

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