Codename Colossus – PCB have arrived!

The first run of Machination Studio LED & Motor Shield R1 PCB have arrived from the manufacturer in China. I am very happy to receive these. Although they take much longer than the usual vendors, this particular vendor is quite widely known to be reliable and deliver high quality. Of course, their easy to use website for file uploading and simple payment options helps a lot. The silkscreen is clear, and everything is done to specifications. Quite happy with the results. Their price for larger quantities is not very competitive so for larger runs, I will probably look elsewhere.

I made a small leaps of faith when I adjusted some of the positions of the components of the board after my PCB designer delivered the file, and I also redid the entire silkscreen layer to my own liking. I am glad to say that those changes all turned out fine. Only thing left is to test the board.

Digital pins 2, 3 and 4 go to the shift register that in turns goes through the Darlington transistor array to control 8 motors. Digital pins 12 and 13 go to the 2 LED shift registers to control up to 36 individual LED or 12 multicoloured LED. All these drive the devices through 2 pin headers. The two can either use different power inputs or the same one, controlled by a jumper. Analogue pins A0 to A5 have power and ground pins next to them so they can be connected to sensors through servo style 3 pin headers.

My intention is to have Arduino Shield style long legged female to male headers for the Arduino pins, but I could not find them locally, so for this first piece, I will just be using male pins. Between this shield and an SSC-32 servo controller, I can make many different animatronic projects. Pardon my ugly soldering.

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