Codename Colossus – Parts preparation and painting

This video gives a glimpse of one major aspect of creating Codename Colossus, the preparation and painting of the parts.

HMC Boudicca is made out of 435 3D printed and laser cut pieces. These are 229 different designs, every single one of which I had to design, digitally model and draw, and commission for 3D printing or laser cut. After they arrive, I have to go through the processes described in the video. Removing the sprues, cleaning and washing the pieces, giving them “battle damage” and the many stages of painting. And this is done for every single piece. Not to mention that all the screws used in the project are painted as well. I had individually stuck every one of those screws onto cardboard for spraying and airbrushing. All 500+ of them. I need to find a better way to do this, my thumb was hurting for days after that.

While the 3D printing accounts for the major bulk of my cost, the painting and preparation of the parts account for the major bulk of the time and work put into the project. Is there such a thing as a one-man assembly line?

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