Codename Colossus – Learning to Walk

I learnt pretty quickly that I could only have really short legs, which meant increasing the distance between the “joints” of the legs if I wanted a large toy. You would think the smart thing to do is to do my research before failing, but I only started learning about hexapodal movement AFTER attempting my first hexapod.  Well, I had realized the importance of having 2 overlapping equilateral triangles of tripods and balancing the centre of gravity near the centres of those equilateral triangles. The shape of the first Codename Colossus was born out of my trial and error around January 2014.

I think I am a fast learner, when I can see the “landscape” of what I am trying to learn. The sketch below is just a week or so after I got my legs from Rick Treweek, and at the same time as I was learning about hexapodal movement, I was also learning to programme the microcontrollers and solid 3D modelling. It does not look too dissimilar to the end result.

I would say that at this stage, I only just started realising that Codename Colossus was even remotely possible. All the brainy bits were done by someone else: the guys who make the servo controller. What I am doing to make it happen is closer to the human technical know-how of circa 1914 than 2014. I just had an end goal set by my toy designer client. But I knew that once I overcame the bits that I do not know, namely the electronics and programming, the rest is familiar territory for me. Once I am over that hill, I can find my way home.

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