Codename Colossus – Initial private reveal

A year ago, in June 2014, I privately posted a video of the prototype of the HMC Boudicca to a select few people to get a gauge of their reactions to Codename Colossus as a project. I am releasing the video publicly now, because I have made a new official public reveal video. Also included are some early footage that were only posted on my Instagram account.

As you can see from that quite a bit of the functionality and shape of the prototype survived to the current HMC Boudicca design. The prototype was full sized, and I built it out of parts printed on home desktop FDM 3D printers. I want to emphasize this because what I see most people printing on their home machines are small objects, and from the start, I was determined to print a large object, I just had to figure out how to get a large object constructed out of parts printed in a small print envelope. Being able to own and print my initial prototype is critical to my ability to get to where I am now, despite my production prototype being completely printed by professional machines.

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