3D Printed Electronic Toy Codename Colossus featured on The Verge!

James Vincent from the UK office of technology news website The Verge wrote a nice article about Codename Colossus. It is a great privilege to be on the site. Completely unexpected. Thanks James and everyone else at The Verge for the feature. You can read about it here under their TL:DR category. I guess I do write too much sometimes.ms_theverge_article

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  1. Duplicat July 7, 2015 at 4:52 am - Reply

    Hi Micheal, I read the Verge article, and they were stating (quoting?) a price of $5,000. Sounds good !
    QmX studios does lighted replicas from StarTrek and Firefly for $10,000,, and all they do is twinkle 🙂
    And they darn sure are not producing YT build vid’s to develop a fan base.
    All the notoriety is well deserved, and Thx again for sharing so much.

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