S!dequest are activities that are not directly related to the Codename Colossus project but may be interesting to the viewers.

A brief glimpse of Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing Capital of the World.

I realized that I've been talking about going to Shenzhen quite often but the videos and photos I have taken have not really shown much of it. There are a couple of reasons for this. Previously, the vendors at the electronics marts were very camera shy. People in China, in general, are camera shy. I think [...]

S!dequest – Machination Studio’s new work space is kinda ready

After about 7 weeks, all the structural work for the work space is done. That means, plumbing, power, lights, floors, walls, internet and such. I have started working on getting furniture, new and old into the space, and have started working out of it. This article, and the latest video had been edited and posted [...]

S!dequest: Renovating a new work space for Machination Studio

Renovating the new work space for Machination Studio. 4 days into it, I have ripped out all the wiring, the cable trunkings and have stripped down some walls. This weekend, I will start plastering and painting the sealer coat on the walls. The place is over 40 years old, and has at least 5-6 [...]

S!dequest – Four must-visit Toy malls in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Every time I visit Hong Kong, I will visit Mong Kok because I love the vibes of the whole shopping district. And every visit to Mong Kok cannot do without a visit to these four toy malls. I recommend these places to any toy collector or lover from anywhere in the world. All of these [...]

S!dequest – Visit to the Singapore Maker Faire 2015

This S!dequest is footage I took when I visited the Singapore Maker Faire on the 12th. This year marks the first year that Singapore's Maker Faire has grown out of the Mini moniker. It is humble but important work being done here. While I am not personally participating, it was good to go and [...]