Codename Colossus – Building HMC Boudicca (Time Lapse)

What does a 90 second time lapse video really mean when you break it down to how many hours it is actually representing of my Codename Colossus build? I took the time lapse at one frame every 20 seconds (actually, I took it at one frame every 10 seconds but sped up the video 200% so it would not be too long).

90 (seconds) x 30 (frames per second) x 20 (second per frame) = 54,000 seconds

54,000 (seconds) / 60 (for minutes) / 60 (for hours) = 15 hours

Sounds about right. I went into the workshop at around 9:45 am on that Sunday morning and left at 5 am the next day, and took a few breaks to feed myself and the battery. Genius that I was, I only brought one of the two batteries I owned for the GoPro. Of course, since the camera is also the battery charger, it would not have helped very much.

I wanted to make the time lapse video at WFRIC World’s Reactor 79 workshop space, simply because it looks better than my own working space. Did not help that it was on the other side of the city. I had planned to start work on a Saturday evening and continue on Sunday. Of course, Murphy’s Law dictated that I had to forget a few things, and run out of other things. I severely underestimated the number of screws I needed, and since my screws are painted, I needed to paint up a bunch of screws overnight, so I only spent 2 hours there on Saturday. I wanted to wrap everything up before Monday morning when people came into work, which led me to stay till 5 am. I regretted the decision to do the assembly and filming in the workshop many times as the hours wore on.

Colossus taking the factory lift down.

Going home at 5 am. I need a box.

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