Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Week 2

Most of the work done in the past week has been on screen, so there is not a lot to see. Four main things to announce.

Firstly, the robotic servos have arrived, and all are in good working order. They are one of the main ingredients to making the whole project work.

Secondly, the ABS FDM 3D prints are going at a good pace. It is a lot less time consuming this time round now that I am more familiar with the slicer programme, the printer and the post-processing.

I am also in the middle of preparing the files for the SLS 3D prints to be sent out. These prints should take about 2 weeks. But I have plans on how to spend the 2 weeks wait for them to arrive.

I am going to Hong Kong and Shenzhen this week for work, but I should be able to steal half a day out to buy the parts I need for the new build, and maybe other stuff for the supporting work like video equipment. The week after that I’ll probably prepare the ABS parts and might even start painting.

I am hoping to bring you guys some footage from Hong Kong and Shenzhen for next week’s video.

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