Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Week 3

Shopping for components for the Codename Colossus build at the SEG Electronics Market Plaza in Shenzhen, China. S.E.G. stands for Shenzhen Electronics Group.

SEG Electronics Market Plaza is a unique consequence of China becoming the factory of the world, and Guangdong province of southern China becoming its electronics manufacturing hub. Many components are traded daily in many malls on this street, but the SEG is the oldest and the reason why this area became a hub of electronics component trading. According to one of the traders there, four guys from the Teochew province of China started S.E.G. back in 1984, way before China’s market liberalisation movement. Shenzhen was pretty much a backwater village at that time. The SEG Plaza was built in 1999, but it looks straight out of the 70s inside. SEG Electronics Market Plaza is absolutely filled with small business owners, each counter is a different company.

If you want to go there in a taxi, ask to be taken to “Huaqiang Bei” (the road) and “Saige Da Sha” (the local name for the building). Google Maps is useless unless you take a screenshot, Google apps does not work in China.

Find out more here.

Further announcement of the project status, I have sent all the SLS prints off, and they are literally in the printers now. Hopefully I get them sooner than later.

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