TED Talk video is out!

February this year, I was invited to speak at the TED Conference 2016 in Vancouver. It was a short talk where I told the story of what I went through to make my first two [...]

Examples of the paint job on Mk.I Cyclops The Builder reward tier

Fresh off the painting station of my resin casting workshop are the first painted examples. These will be used in The Builder reward tier, and also as the base colours for The Collector reward tier. [...]

Thanks for a wonderful New York Comic Con 2016

It's great to be back in New York Comic Con again in 2016. I love the city and the crowd has always been great. Being around so many people who hang on to a little [...]

Infantry Support Colossus Mk.I Cyclops Photo Gallery

Presenting the Infantry Support Colossus Mk.I Cyclops. The Infantry Support Colossus Mk.I Cyclops is a mechanized dieselpunk walking tank scale model that stands at 33cm tall and has electronic six legged [...]

A brief glimpse of Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing Capital of the World.

I realized that I've been talking about going to Shenzhen quite often but the videos and photos I have taken have not really shown much of it. There are a couple of reasons for this. Previously, [...]

Mk.I Cyclops Build Log 8

More parts revealed on video! I made an unplanned decision to travel to the factory to have a last look at the parts before they go to the moulding process. Photographs and texting could only get [...]