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Codename Colossus is a series of Mechanized Dieselpunk Walking Tank Scale Models, and the Mk.I Cyclops is the first in the series that is available for sale. Scale models exist to spark the imagination, and I am breathing life into that imagination with simple mechanical movements.

I would like to think I have more to offer than just putting LED lights in someone else’s licensed character. By being a part of this campaign, you will be helping me create a new story world, written by the craft of painting, modelling and design. Unlike just buying at a toy store, with video streaming and real time photo uploads, you can see your particular model being assembled and weathered.

The way each model looks: the rust, the wear, the damage, are seeds that will grow and populate my alternative World War I universe, where the war’s end was interrupted by a natural catastrophe that befell Europe, and giant walking tanks rule the battlefield.

The scale models are made from polyurethane resin casts, electronic parts have a wired controller and runs on 6x AA batteries. Minimal gluing and no soldering is necessary. The kit is assembled with screws and the electronics just need to be plugged in place. It stands at 13″ tall and 13″ across when fully assembled.

Hi, my name is Michael Sng, the owner of Machination Studio and the creator of the Codename Colossus series of Mechanical Dieselpunk Walking Tank Scale Models. I have been working on the Mk.I Cyclops since March 2016.

Three years ago, my desire to fulfill my childhood dream of making a large walking tank model lead me on a journey to learn the 3D modelling, electronics and programming skills I needed to accomplish it. I made a mechanized scale models with over 400 3D printed parts, standing over 20 inches tall, and brought it to New York Comic Con 2015.

My journey caught the attention of many websites, and led to an invitation to share my Dream on the main stage at the TED Conference 2016 in Vancouver. I was the former Chief Product Designer for the cult STIKFAS action figure toy and I am familiar with the process of bringing a toy from an idea to the market. I am harnessing the technologies of today to bring Codename Colossus to you in a whole different way.

Latest News

24th February 2017

Fulfillment of the Mk.I Cyclops Kickstarter campaign is under way.

  • Modeler and Craftsman kits have been sent out on the 21st January 2017. Backers have already received them and have started posting their work.
  • Utility Walker models have painted and the Builder kits should be ready to ship out next week.
  • I am currently working on the Collectors and Individual models and they should be ready early March.
  • Posters have been delivered and received.
  • T-shirt have been delivered.
  • Magazine content is nearing completion. Please be patient with me.
  • Check out photographs of the Mk.I Cyclops on to Flickr. Check the link here.
  • Check out the  Work in Progress photographs of the Mk.I Cyclops here.
  • Currently working on improving the  assembly tutorials Youtube videos.

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Thanks goes out to the following organisations and individuals without whose help and support Codename: Colossus would not be possible.