Mk.I Cyclops – Electronic Walking Tank Model

Fully Funded on Kickstarter! Check it out here. Products will be available on a eCommerce store soon! Contact me with your interest.

Codename Colossus is a series of Mechanized Dieselpunk Walking Tank Scale Models, and the Mk.I Cyclops is the first in the series. Scale models exist to spark the imagination, and I am breathing life into that imagination with simple mechanical movements.

I would like to think I have more to offer than just putting LED lights in someone else’s licensed character. I was very dissatisfied with the toys that were available. Radio controlled vehicles do not have fine details, scale models do not move, mass market toys do not look realistic, robotics kits do not tell a story. I wanted to make something that is big, moves on its own and looks great, and more importantly, can fire up your imagination. So I had to create a whole new category of product. You are witnessing the first of its kind that is being made available in limited numbers.

By being a part of this campaign, you will be helping me create a new story world, written by the craft of painting, modelling and design. Unlike just buying at a toy store, with video streaming and real time photo uploads, you can see your particular model being assembled and weathered.

The way each model looks: each hand painted rust, wear, and damage marks, are seeds that will grow and populate my alternative World War I alternate universe, where the war’s end was interrupted by a natural catastrophe that befell Europe, and giant walking tanks rule the battlefield.

For dimension accuracy, the scale models are made from over 60 polyurethane resin casts instead of the common polyester resin, 3 robotics-grade servos move the legs and a microprocessor send commands to all the electronic parts with a analogue old school wired controller. It runs on 6x AA batteries, so unfortunately, it will not explode. Minimal gluing and no soldering is necessary. The kit is assembled with screws and the electronics just need to be plugged in place. It stands at 13″ tall and 13″ across when fully assembled.


Assembly instruction videos for the Mk.I Cyclops kits.

Mk.I Cyclops Rust and Mud Effects video.