S!dequest – Visit to the Singapore Maker Faire 2015

This S!dequest is footage I took when I visited the Singapore Maker Faire on the 12th. This year marks the first year that Singapore's Maker Faire has grown out of the Mini moniker. It is humble but important work being done here. While I am not personally participating, it was good to go and [...]

Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Week 3

Shopping for components for the Codename Colossus build at the SEG Electronics Market Plaza in Shenzhen, China. S.E.G. stands for Shenzhen Electronics Group. SEG Electronics Market Plaza is a unique consequence of China becoming the factory of the world, and Guangdong province of southern China becoming its electronics manufacturing hub. Many components are traded daily in [...]

Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Week 2

Most of the work done in the past week has been on screen, so there is not a lot to see. Four main things to announce. Firstly, the robotic servos have arrived, and all are in good working order. They are one of the main ingredients to making the whole project work. Secondly, the [...]

Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Week 1

I am announcing the start of building a new Colossus, the plan is to get it ready in time for New York Comic Con in October. Due to all the other things that I will need to prepare for the Comic Con, I cannot devote too much design time to this Colossus. I will only [...]

Codename Colossus – Introduction

Introducing Codename Colossus. A fully 3D printed, electronic and mechanical toy that is made to order. I'll like to once again thank veryone at WFRIC World for engineering and production support. Rick Treweek at Trobok Toys for introducing me to 3D printing and helping me with my earliest prototype. The ever patient David Teo, Interactive Design Extraordinaire from [...]

Codename Colossus – First official reveal video

I would like to present this first reveal and video test of the first production prototype for Codename Colossus. His Majesty's Colossus "Boudicca". The T1 training Colossus. So far I've uploaded drawings and pictures of the partial builds, and quite frankly, I could have faked a photo and video shoot earlier. I had all the component [...]

Codename Colossus – Parts preparation and painting

This video gives a glimpse of one major aspect of creating Codename Colossus, the preparation and painting of the parts. HMC Boudicca is made out of 435 3D printed and laser cut pieces. These are 229 different designs, every single one of which I had to design, digitally model and draw, and commission for 3D [...]

Codename Colossus – Initial private reveal

A year ago, in June 2014, I privately posted a video of the prototype of the HMC Boudicca to a select few people to get a gauge of their reactions to Codename Colossus as a project. I am releasing the video publicly now, because I have made a new official public reveal video. Also included [...]

Codename Colossus – Building HMC Boudicca (Time Lapse)

What does a 90 second time lapse video really mean when you break it down to how many hours it is actually representing of my Codename Colossus build? I took the time lapse at one frame every 20 seconds (actually, I took it at one frame every 10 seconds but sped up the video [...]