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Mighty Mega features Mk.I Cyclops sneak peaks

I totally missed this in my busy schedule ahead of NYCC 2016. Thanks to Lambert Varias for featuring some of the sneak peaks of the Codename Colossus Mk.I Cyclops on Might Mega. Check it out here, and all the other cool stuff at Mighty Mega. They've got a giant robot shooting laser beams as [...]

The Awesomer features Codename Colossus Kickstarter

Thank you to Paul Strauss from The Awesomer for featuring the Codename Colossus Mk.I Cyclops Kickstarter campaign on their website and app feed. Check it out here and find my project and other awesome stuff they feature.

Codename Colossus on WIRED UK

Thanks to Simon Ward and Oliver Franklin-Wallis for getting in touch with me and writing this wonderful article on the HMC Boudicca for WIRED UK. You can read it here.

Adam Savage meets the Mk.I Cyclops

One of the best feelings is having someone I look up to find what I do cool. While I was at NYCC 2016, Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, interviewed me for Adam was the guy that I most wanted to meet at the TED 2016 conference earlier this year, out of all the really wonderful speakers there, and [...]

Codename Colossus on Shapeway Blog

And now for some real news. Seth Feingersh and Andrew Thomas from Shapeways contacted me, after they saw the video of my toy on LinusTechTips. Due to the timezone differences, we could not arrange a live interview, so we did an email interview and this blog article is the result of that. I used [...]

Tough Customer interview and feature from New York Comic Con 2015

Codename Colossus was featured as the Top 5 tech of New York Comic Con 2015 by tech news Youtube channel, Tough Customer. Thanks goes out to Ted Watson of Tough Customer for coming by our stand and for the feature!

Technews 6 covers Codename Colossus

Tech news site Technews 6 wrote an article on Codename Colossus. You can read about it here.

The Setup Interview features Michael Sng

Daniel Bogan of The Setup contacted me about a month ago to ask me for an email interview about what gear I use, and that interview is released today here. From the moment I first encountered the website idea, I have liked it. It is something very simple, but elegantly useful and interesting. Browsing the site is [...]

3D Printed Electronic Toy Codename Colossus featured on CNC Cookbook

CNC Cookbook, purveyor of computer numerical control software, featured Codename Colossus, posing the question, "Are 3D Printers the Ultimate Scale Model Tool?" I should have picked this up earlier, but I've been so busy with the build that I haven't been paying attention to what is going on online. Thanks to Bob Warfield of CNC [...]

3D Printed Electronic Toy Codename Colossus featured on boingboing

Thanks to Cory Doctorow for his article on Codename Colossus on boingboing. Read the article here.