Mk.I Cyclops Build Log 1

Anyway, for the last 2 weeks, I've been designing, sketching and 3D modelling my new Colossus. I haven't quite decided on a naming convention, so it is called the First Production Colossus at the [...]

Machination Studio Future Direction Announcements

Hi guys, It's been a while since I could really put serious hours behind working on Machination Studio stuff. While speaking at TED2016 was a great once in a lifetime opportunity, and really a [...]

Machination Studio to build Real Sized Colossus in Singapore

Artist's Impression. Not to Scale. April 1st, 2016 Singapore toy maker, Machination Studio, has been appointed to build a life-sized version of their Codename: Colossus toy, complete with working armaments as part of [...]

Talking Emergent Design at Hackware 1.6

Some months back, Chinmay, Sayanee and Kheng Meng from the Hackware group, who organize monthly meetups for the hardware hacking community, invited me to give a talk about my toy. I initially wanted to use [...]

Sharing my speaking experience at the TEDxSingapore meetup

Dave Lim of TEDxSingapore was organizing a meetup for the TEDxSingapore community to share his experience at the TED2016 conference, and to kick start the brainstorming session for the theme to their upcoming TEDxSingapore event. [...]

Machination Studio on Linus Tech Tips

When I knew I was going to Vancouver for TED, I decided that it would be great to pay Linus Media Group a visit. I got in touch with Taran, the video editor and [...]