Mk.I Cyclops Build Log 1

Anyway, for the last 2 weeks, I've been designing, sketching and 3D modelling my new Colossus. I haven't quite decided on a naming convention, so it is called the First Production Colossus at the moment. I am calling this Build Log 1 although it is already Week 3. In this video, I describe my thought [...]

Machination Studio Future Direction Announcements

Hi guys, It's been a while since I could really put serious hours behind working on Machination Studio stuff. While speaking at TED2016 was a great once in a lifetime opportunity, and really a eye opening experience, I really did miss just sitting down designing and building stuff. The last years made a lot [...]

Codename Colossus on Shapeway Blog

And now for some real news. Seth Feingersh and Andrew Thomas from Shapeways contacted me, after they saw the video of my toy on LinusTechTips. Due to the timezone differences, we could not arrange a live interview, so we did an email interview and this blog article is the result of that. I used [...]

Machination Studio to build Real Sized Colossus in Singapore

Artist's Impression. Not to Scale. April 1st, 2016 Singapore toy maker, Machination Studio, has been appointed to build a life-sized version of their Codename: Colossus toy, complete with working armaments as part of a new defense paradigm of the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). "In light of the recent security crisis gripping the world, [...]