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Welcome to Machination Studio

Home to Codename Colossus. An artisanal, kinetic toy line set in Europe in an alternate history during The Great War. To push the limit of the definition of a toy, the flagship Codename Colossus pieces are made from over 400 specially designed 3D printed and laser cut pieces. Individually hand painted and assembled. Servos, motors and LED drive the electronic and mechanical motion. More designs and manufacturing methods are currently being explored.

Founded by Michael Sng, former chief product designer of STIKFAS. Machination Studio aims to be the antithesis to mass production toys. Being free to build a toy at a size and craftsmanship that is not possible in other toy lines.

Technology meets Insanity

A little technology. A lot of insanity.

Those are the vital ingredients that went into creating Codename: Colossus. I will put myself through what others are not willing to go through.

Freedom from Tyranny.

The Tyranny is Mass Production

Mass production requires mass marketing and mostly benefits big retailers and media owners. I will reach out to my customers at a personal level.

Walk the Untrodden Path.

And being the best at it

Why should I create a new product when I can create a new product category? I will be making the best toy in the world. But it is more than just a toy.

Machination Studio going to NYCC2016 and production confirmed

Two big announcements to make. Firstly, my application to the New York Comic Con 2016 has been approved. So I will be getting booth #431. The decision to go back to NYCC was not an [...]

First Production Colossus Build Log 4

It's nearly been a month since I got back from Shenzhen the last time, and I just went again on a one day trip to meet to manufacturer and get a bunch of new details [...]

First Production Colossus Build Log 3

This past week was spent in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with a main aim of meeting prototyping and manufacturing companies for the first time and making the first introductions. I am sure I will [...]

Thanks goes out to the following organisations and individuals without whose help and support Codename: Colossus would not be possible.