Codename Colossus

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The year is 1926.

For twelve years, The Great War h as ravaged the Continent.

The Boudicca-Class Heavy Siege Colossus broke the stalemate in the battlefield, but one year on, struggling with keeping the Heavy Colossus supplied and repaired, the War Cabinet issued a request for a new design.

A smaller, more nimble Colossus was needed. Simpler in design and easier to manufacture, the Infantry Support Colossus Mk.I “Cyclops” takes to the fields.

Available in both fully assembled, painted and completed sculptures and unassembled and unfinished kits.

Currently I am considering using Indiegogo as the crowdfunding platform of choice. It processes the payment through PayPal.

Hi, my name is Michael Sng, owner of Machination Studio. I was the former Chief Product Designer for the cult STIKFAS action figure toy and in the last two years, I have made it my personal goal to learn everything I needed to create what I considered to be The Ultimate Toy. I brought it on show at the New York Comic Con 2015, and was invited to share my Dream on the main stage at the TED Conference 2016.

This year, my new goal is to create a product that can be manufactured so I can share my journey with more of you. I will soon be unleashing this new crazy idea on the world.

Codename: Colossus is my series of electronic and mechanical giant walking tank toys that is made in small production runs with polyurethane resin casts or 3D printing. They are not just beautiful sculptures, they are beautiful sculptures that walk and move.

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